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Obama sounds like he’s about to reject the Keystone pipeline

Speaking at his end-of-the-year press conference on Friday afternoon, President Obama sounded very much like he’s poised to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. He gave his sharpest assessment to date of its potential costs & benefits — lots of costs & few ... MORE added: Dec. 22 14

Modern-day dinosaurs - Record Opinion letter re. A carbon tax would do nothing to help the environment — Dec. 6

The Fraser Institute's Kenneth P. Green, in his commentary on the boogeyman that is the carbon tax, has lived up to the adage that you can twist statistics to suit any purpose. ... MORE added: Dec. 22 14

Obama’s latest green move: Banning drilling in Alaska’s Bristol Bay

President Obama took another step today to build up his green legacy, just the latest in a recent string of pro-environment actions. He protected Alaska’s Bristol Bay, a major environmental and economic resource, by withdrawing the waters indefinitely ... MORE added: Dec. 18 14
Pembina reacts to Alberta government’s extension of climate change regulations

Pembina reacts to Alberta government’s extension of climate change regulations

“Alberta’s current climate regulation is flawed. It has not been effective in reducing carbon pollution. The province is not on track to meet its self-imposed targets, let alone its fair share of Canada’s national target. ... MORE added: Dec. 20 14
Four ways Alberta could turn its climate record aroundLima to Paris: Part 3

Four ways Alberta could turn its climate record aroundLima to Paris: Part 3

The wrap-up of UN climate talks in Lima, Peru, comes at a significant time for Alberta. Environment Canada’s latest Emissions Trends report confirms that Canada is not on track to hit its 2020 climate target, & the growth in Alberta’s carbon pollution i ... MORE added: Dec. 18 14

Washington governor proposes big, bold climate plan

Inslee proposed the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act, a cap-and-trade program for the state’s biggest polluters, which he estimates would raise about $1 billion a year. The proceeds would go into the state budget, helping to fund a major transportati ... MORE added: Dec. 18 14

Boeing moves to wind power at Seattle plant

ENTON, Wash. — Boeing said Tuesday it plans to buy renewable energy credits to replace fossil-fuel power at the factory in Washington state where it assembles its 737 commercial airplanes - toward an all-renewable energy mix. ... MORE added: Dec. 18 14

Voters share blame on climate issues

Climate change is the issue that Canadians refuse to address. We talk about it. But in the end, too many of us are unwilling to do anything serious about the greenhouse gases that, according to a United Nations scientific panel, threaten to inexorably ... MORE added: Dec. 18 14

Will policies and falling prices derail fracking?

Two recent events have cast some doubt about the seemingly bright future of fracking in various parts of the United States - voter-driven efforts and recent plunge in energy prices. ... MORE added: Dec. 18 14

A $48 Billion Opportunity for US Electric Customers - This is a good read!

A new report from Accenture highlighted a potential revenue loss for U.S. utilities of $48 billion per year by 2025 due to distributed solar & energy efficiency. But where does that money go? If we pursue a democratic energy system as outlined in ILSR's ... MORE added: Dec. 17 14

DTE Energy has plans for solar array at Ann Arbor airport

DTE Energy and the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan have announced plans to build one of Michigan's largest solar energy installations — at the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. "This 1.1 megawatt project would be big enough to power about 150 homes, " said DTE. ... MORE added: Dec. 17 14

Opinion: A coal-free grid within our grasp - proposing a 10-15 year coal phase-out in Alberta

Federal regulations have given most of Alberta’s coal plants 50 years to operate, but our coalition thinks that’s too long. It is unacceptable to imagine impacts on Albertans’ health — and the global climate — continuing on for another 47 years. ... MORE added: Dec. 17 14

Data Analysis: Can Japan Exceed 10 Gigawatts of Solar Capacity Installation in 2014?

San Diego, Calif. — Several analysts are predicting that Japan may add over 10 GW of photovoltaic (PV) capacity for 2014, exceeding that of China. Exceeding 10 GW means an annual growth of at least 33 percent more than the previous year. ... MORE added: Dec. 17 14

Fossil fuel companies grow nervous as divestment movement grows stronger

LIMA, Peru — Though fossil fuel companies may wave their hands dismissively at the divestment movement, some nervous actions of late show more concern than they let on. Consider this curious incident here in Lima, as the UN climate talks entered 2nd week ... MORE added: Dec. 15 14

Harper government leaves $321 million for green programs unspent, while overspending on oil and gas

Natural Resources Canada spent $438.3 million on programs to support the oil and gas industry -- it spent $41.6 million more, or almost 10 per cent extra, than the amount it was allotted for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. ... MORE added: Dec. 17 14

Globe editorial - Why Stephen Harper should love carbon taxes

For years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been promising a greenhouse-gas policy to deal with emissions from Canada’s oil industry. On Tuesday, Mr. Harper abruptly revealed his sort-of plan. It can be summed up in two words: Do. Nothing. ... MORE added: Dec. 15 14

COAL FREE: ACHIEVING THE IMPOSSIBLE IN ONTARIO - Don't buy the neg spin. Sustainable energy is benefitting Ontarians. Celebrate the impossible!... - Sustainable News - Toronto Star - Dec 11, 2014

"Manufacturers and developers through the programs have since managed to attract more than $24billion in investment and create 42,000 jobs -- something no other jurisdiction in North America can claim." ... MORE added: Dec. 15 14

This carbon fee proposal has real dividends - Opinion letter - THE RECORD

On Dec. 6, The Record published an Insight column that argued a carbon tax in Canada would do nothing to help the environment. NOT SO! It creates a price signal to consumers & investors that it is less expensive to meet one's energy needs through altern ... MORE added: Dec. 16 14
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 is the NEXT CREW's GREEN DRINKS - the first for 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 is the NEXT CREW's GREEN DRINKS - the first for 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

CREW has been joining up with members of KW GREEN DRINKS - ongoing, the first Tuesday of each month - Please JOIN US - 7:00-10:00 p.m., at the Barley Works, Huether Hotel, Waterloo, and get caught up on the latest discussions ... MORE added: Dec. 03 14
January 14, 2015, 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern - Join us for

January 14, 2015, 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern - Join us for "Climate Disruption, Clean Energy Solutions, and the 2015 Federal Election" - WEBINAR

In the coming year, Canadians will head to the polls & choose a new federal government. The outcome will have enormous implications for clean energy & climate policy. How will the federal parties likely position themselves? Where is the electorate at? ... MORE added: Dec. 14 14