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CREW Power $aving Kit Experience by Rob Unruh

I performed the self home energy audit using the power measuring meters provided in the kit and measured all the electricity using devices in my house. I discovered that many electronic devices were still using electricity even when the power button was switched off. For instance my TV cable box uses 14 watts when on and when it is turned off it is still using 14 watts of power (makes one wonder why it has an off button at all). To solve this problem I plugged the cable box into one of the old style rotary light timers so that the power would only be available at times when I might be watching TV. The rest of the time the timer cuts off the electricity so there is no more wasted energy. There are many other examples where using power bars or simply unplugging things such as computer systems, stereos and battery chargers can eliminate the electricity wasted when these items are not being used.
One large source of potential savings that I was already doing but can make a big difference is setting your furnace fan to the “auto” position instead of having the fan operating continuously. By using the fan “auto” setting on your thermostat the fan will only turn on when the furnace or air conditioner is running. Because these fans use a lot of electricity, having the fan working intermittently will save the average home about 16% of their total electricity bill.
            By using the Excel spread sheet included in the kit I was able to see how much I could be saving by using power bars, timers, compact fluorescent lights or simply unplugging devices to eliminate wasted power in my home. My hydro bills are now 21% lower. I would recommend that anyone interested should give our church’s power saving kit a try and see how you can help the environment and reduce your hydro bill.
            Submitted by Rob Unruh.

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