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Project ideas for Storm Water Management Funding - DEADLINE October 12

If you’re wondering what types of projects might qualify for the MOE Great Lakes Funding opportunity that was mentioned in a recent email, the RAIN demonstration project opportunities listed below would likely be considered for funding. For general demonstration project funding inquiries please contact RAIN Community Engagement Manager, Cheryl Evans at For MOE specific funding inquiries please contact RAIN Program Manager, Andrew Marshall at


RAIN Demonstration Projects Protect our Rivers!


REEP Green Solutions, in partnership with the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, is implementing a community-wide stormwater education program called RAIN: An ecological approach to stormwater management. The program aims to help property owners reduce the volume and improve the quality of the water that flows from their properties into receiving waterways. It also teaches property owners about which actions will qualify for upcoming stormwater utility fee credits.

As part of this initiative, RAIN is looking for faith communities, school groups and other charitable organization
s in Kitchener and Waterloo to grab their shovels and ‘dig in’ to create 6 stormwater management demonstration projects that will improve the water quality of local waterways and inspire others to take action! By doing one or more of the following…

·         building a rain garden

·         de-paving part of your parking lot

·         installing permeable paving

·         capturing rainwater from your roof in rain barrels or cisterns

…your organization will get property improvements done at minimal cost, garner great publicity and potentially qualify for stormwater utility fee credits.

Priority will be given to sites that have:

·         high visibility locations in the community

·         buildings 50 years old or older

·         75% or more of their property covered in hard surfaces

·         have no stormwater is managed on site

·         meeting space that holds 50-100 people

Check out the project intro video on YouTube to see if your organization might like to participate.

RAIN Demonstration Project Pitch

For more information or to apply to be a RAIN demonstration project participant contact:

Cheryl Evans
Manager, RAIN Community Engagement
REEP Green Solutions or 519-744-6583 X 224


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