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CREW was there! Penelope, Environmental Defense's 8 year-old campaigner for the environment - Sept 22.

KITCHENER — Penelope Plessas, 8, is all cute and no shy.

Young environmentalist makes campaign stop in Kitchener

“When are you going to be running?” Dearlove asked the politician-in-training.

“I already started,” Penelope said.

“You have a better chance of winning than I do,” Dearlove laughed.

Penelope showed like a veteran, delivering a polished script, surrounded by handlers, uncertain of her next stop. “You can ask my campaign manager,” she said.

Thursday’s tour took her to Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo.

“I’m concerned about clean water, clean water, green energy and the greenbelt,” Penelope said. “I want to stand up for the environment because I love it.”

Monique Plessas tours with her daughter. She’s confident Penelope can handle the spotlight and is not being misused as an election prop.

The campaign takes Penelope out of school two days a week. She keeps up with her homework, has a tutor, and is getting a small stipend toward her future education.

“I think it’s very important for kids nowadays to get some confidence, in regards to finding their voice and being heard,” Monique said.

About Penelope 4 Ontario

Hi, my name is Penelope and this is my campaign to make sure that when Ontarians vote on October 6th, they think about the future of us kids.

And when I say future, I'm talking about taking care of our environment. I want it to be a top election issue this fall. I'll be on the road, touring communities and speaking to people like you. I want you to join me in asking the leaders of all the parties if they will commit to protecting our environment so you can vote for my future on October 6th.

Read what my team has to say as they blog from the campaign trail. Follow me on Twitter. Join my Facebook page and take my pledge. Be sure to check out my "report card" on how the candidates fare on environmental issues like green energy, the Greenbelt and keeping the air and water I drink clean. And check back here for updates on my tour!

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