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Benefit with Less

If you're thinking of a renewable energy project, consider reducing the amount of energy you use first. Eliminating waste (energy use that you're not aware of) and increasing efficiency (getting the same service with less energy) are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and achieve sustainable living.

The Power $aving Network is an initiative developed by Community Renewable Energy Waterloo as a low cost, volunteer-spread educational program to reduce electricity consumption. Using a toolkit of step-by-step instructions, electricity meters, demonstration items and informative fact sheets, the Power $aving Network plans to host "Energy-Aware" meetings at which participants learn to identify where, when, and how electricity is used in their apartment, home or small business. Participant hosts will be invited to inventory their electricity load, document their electricity reduction initiatives, recommend the kit to others and consider becoming a "messenger" at future Energy-Aware events.

The toolkits can be used without modification for residents who wish to conduct an "audit" of their electricity load as part of planning a renewable energy project.

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