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CREW is a group of local residents whose goal is to make conservation and renewable energy renewable energy options accessible to the people of Waterloo Region.

CREW is achieving this goal by providing, free to the public,
  • informative presentations on conservation and renewable energy related topics;
  • an e-newsletter with local conservation and renewable energy news and events;
  • a website/portal with conservation and renewable energy related information specifi.c to Waterloo Region ( ).
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  • attend member-only events for more in-depth information;
  • network with like-minded citizens and local experts;
  • vote on issues shaping the direction of CREW;
  • contribute to the activities of CREW through your membership fee;
  • have opportunities to make a greater contribution with volunteer activities in working groups or community projects.

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The Power Network - energy efficiency & conservation
CREWgreen low energy building technologies
CREWearth ground source heat pumps
CREWsolar - photovoltaics and/ or solar thermal
CREWwind - Local Initiatives for Future Energy (L.I.F.E.)
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